How Much Does Pho Cost In Vietnam?

It costs 20,000 dong ($1) for a bowl of Pho (a Vietnamese soup) and 35000 dong ($1.65) for a plate of rice, any type of meat, plus a few salad leaves to feed a family of four.

How much does a meal cost in Vietnam?

The cost of food in Vietnam varies depending on where you live, but on average it costs d275,990 per day on average. A typical lunch in Vietnam, based on the spending habits of past tourists, should cost around d110,396 per person when dining out in the country. Generally speaking, breakfast is a little less expensive than lunch or supper.

How much is a bowl of pho in Ho Chi Minh?

A big bowl of pho costs 65,000 VND and is served with a plate piled high with fresh herbs (mint and cilantro), lime slices, and chili slices as a garnish. The price of a small bowl is 60,000 VND, while the price of a combination bowl is 80,000VND.

Do Vietnamese eat pho everyday?

A big bowl of pho costs 65,000 VND and is served with a dish piled high with fresh herbs (mint and cilantro), lime slices, and chili slices as an accompaniment. It costs 60,000 VND for a small bowl, and 80,000 VND for a combination dish.

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What can 100 dollars buy in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, a hundred dollars may get you the following:

  • Budget accommodations in Hanoi for 15-18 nights, or 5-8 nights at a three-star hotel for 15-20 nights
  • 15-20 dinners at mid-priced restaurants. The cost of one one-way travel from Hanoi to Da Nang on the Livitrans luxury train is included.

How much do houses cost in Vietnam?

The average cost of a house in Vietnam is roughly $4,500 USD. The cost of rent fluctuates from month to month, but the average monthly rent is around $650, and this figure frequently includes utilities.

Where can I buy pho in Vietnam?



How much is the rice in Vietnam?

1 kg of rice in Vietnam costs around $2.23 in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, when it is packaged and ready for export. The price in Vietnamese Dong (VND) currency is 8.92E-5.

Is Vietnam cheaper than India?

India is 25.6 percent cheaper than Vietnam in terms of purchasing power.

Does pho make you gain weight?

The consumption of too many rice noodles can cause your blood glucose to surge, making your meal fattening. Similar to this, putting in more beef slices than is necessary to make a satisfying bowl of pho will add to your calorie intake.

Does pho make you fat?

The fat that you receive from a bowl of pho will come from the beef itself. The low-fat nature of the dish is maintained, with the option of further lowering the fat content of the dish by selecting less fatty meat or even a vegetarian-friendly protein source.

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Is pho healthier than ramen?

Ramen, on the other hand, will always be higher in calories than other foods, and there isn’t much that can be done to reduce that. Vietnamese pho is intended to be satisfying while still being low in calories, making it a win-win for pho enthusiasts. Pho includes around 45g of carbohydrates per bowl, whereas ramen contains approximately 60g of carbohydrates per bowl.

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